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The MedSecurities team is organized into four key business and support functions:

Relationship Management & Customer Service
With dedication to service, our Relationship Managers have a commitment to each individual customer with the intention of delivering intelligent wealth planning and investment solutions. We build an understanding of the customer’s long-term objectives as a first step. Our Relationship Managers have access to ideas and solutions from across the regional and international investment environment.

Structured Products & Fund Access Service
The officers in charge of this activity are responsible for sourcing new investment and product opportunities, presenting them to customers and ensuring proper follow-up through execution and after sale service. This group has the capability of structuring bespoke products that are tailored for customers with specific investment needs.
In addition, our platform includes several types of fund strategies from long-only equity and debt to multi-asset funds. The targeted geographical universe is both global as well as region-specific. The funds we offer address different risk profiles ranging from conservative to balanced and aggressive.

Equities & Fixed Income Sales Desk.
Apart from the diligent execution of Customers orders of purchase and sale of securities, the primary duty of the Equities & Fixed Income Sales desk is to research and filter information on markets in general, and on single entities more specifically. This service is intended to help Customers make more informed investment decisions based on fundamental and technical analysis and research. Our Market Desk officers are assigned the duties of providing direct execution to all customers on different categories of assets and types of orders. The Desk is open daily from form 8:00 AM until US markets close at 11:00 PM Beirut local time.

Risk Management & Compliance
The Risk & Compliance functions at MedSecurities are entirely independent from the front office hierarchy, and are performed by an independent risk manager and his officers. MedSecurities risk management policies are designed to identify and analyze all risks, to set appropriate risk measures and controls, and to conduct ongoing monitoring. Our policies are reviewed periodically in light of changes in market conditions including new regulations, and updates on best practices. Control is further ensured by reinforcing individual responsibility, accountability and risk awareness across the entire organization.
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