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Brokerage Services
MedSecurities offers brokerage services covering international, regional, and local markets. We provide access to a wide range of financial instruments including: equities, fixed income, funds, and derivatives, in addition to Over the Counter securities in local, regional and international markets. Our talented team believes in a personalized approach to business relations and attempts to build long term relationships with our clients. We strive to address our clients’ specific needs while maintaining highly competitive brokerage fees.

Product Development
The product development arm of MedSecurities provides a wide range of structured products suitable for private and institutional investors. Our aim is to structure investment solutions that diversify asset classes and reduce risk at the same time. MedSecurities will also provide access to dedicated funds for unique investment opportunities. Our expertise allows us to identify trends in the market and accordingly propose structures that would benefit from the upside and significantly reduce the downside risk. Additionally, with our diverse product offering, the desk is able to cope with any market environment thus constantly presenting our customers with suitable investment solutions.

Debt and Equity Private Placements
MedSecurities has participated in a number of local and regional private placements, covering several sectors and involving different asset classes. The role of MedSecurities is defined by the nature of the transaction at hand, but is in general a placement agent, an arranger, or a distributor.
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